Aldrich and Sowers take top honors at Monticello Raceway

January 6, 2021

Aldrich and Sowers take top honors at Monticello Raceway
By: Shawn Wiles
Photo Credit: Shawn Wiles
Bo Sower (L) Shawn Wiles (C) Bruce Aldrich Jr. (R)

Bruce Aldrich Jr. and Bo Sowers have copped the titles of Leading dash winning Driver and Trainer at Monticello Raceway for 2020.

For Bruce Aldrich Jr. being the leading dash winning driver is not new to him, this year’s title marks the seventh time that Bruce has won the title at Monticello Raceway. Aldrich led all drivers with 136 trips to the winner’s circle in 2020 with a UDRS of .305 and earned purses of $587,807 the 52-year-old Aldrich is approaching a monumental personal milestone of 8,000 career wins, almost 50% – 3,979 of those wins came at Monticello Raceway.

Last year’s dash winner Jim Taggart Jr. finished second this year with 117 wins, narrowly edging Michael Merton with 116 wins. Greg Merton was 4th with 104 wins and McGwire Sowers had 80 winners.

New comer Bo Sowers garnered the title of leading trainers with a slate of 80 wins, 82 place and 87 show finishes and a UDRS of .273 with total purses earned of 365,140. Gary Messenger last year’s leading trainer finished 2nd this year with 65 wins and Dan Gill was 3rd with 35 wins followed by Jim Doherty Jr. 32 and Thomas Milici with 30.