Mike Merton and Bo Sowers take top honors at Monticello Raceway

January 3, 2022

Michael Merton and Bo Sowers took top honors for 2021 at Monticello Raceway for leading dash winning driver and trainer.  Merton outdistance his rivals by almost 43 wins, finishing the year with 251 wins, finishing second was former Multiple Top Dash Winner Bruce Aldrich Jr with 208 wins followed by Cory Stratton with 206.  Jim Taggart Jr was fourth with 205 and Brandon Parker took home fifth place honors with 127 wins.

It is the second consecutive year that Sowers took home top training honors after his 80 wins during the COVID shortened season 2021.  This season his stable had 112 winners ahead of last year’s top trainer Gary Messenger who had 92, in a hotly contested race to the wire Laura Perino took 3rd place with 84 wins over newcomer Christopher Petrelli with 80, Danny Gill finished 5th with 51 trips to the winner circle.

Top Driver: (L) Michael Merton – (R) Shawn Wiles
Top Trainer: Shawn Wiles (L) McKenzie Sowers (C) McGwire Sowers(R)