Horsemen Info

New Racing Emergency Hotline

794‐4100 Ext 570

In the event of inclement weather necessitating cancellation or if there are any changes to our racing schedule they will be recorded at the above number. Check often for updates.

To request a purse authorization form or stable registration form, please email

Fines & Suspensions

1/19/2019Aristotle StamatienWhile the drug testosterone was present in his system in violation of the above-stated rules, the purse was returned and redistributed and horse was disqualified with 30 day Full Suspension and 1,000.00 fine.. Reduced to 10 days and $500 fine.10 Days - $500
1/10/2019Shane T. TaggartDid bear down into #5, "HISTOiRE ETERNELLE," in the last turn.3 Days
1/8/2019Patrick BeelerDrove in an inconsistent manner.5 Days
1/7/2019John S. DesimoneFailed to obey the instructions of Racing Official, foot out of stirrup going to the 3/4 pole.$50
12/27/2018McGwire P. SowersDid take back quickly in front of a field of horses, failing to maintain a proper pace3 Days
12/26/2018Vincent J. CampolongFailed to provide a urine specimen upon request15 Days
12/19/2018George AnthropChanged driver after program time$50
12/10/2018John S. DesimoneSlowed down the field after the 1/4 mile, causing confusion to the trailing horses.5 Days
11/28/2018Bruce Aldrich JrFailed to obey a racing official. (Euro Rail at the top of the stretch)$50
11/14/2018Kyle DibenedettoDid bare down, and you did interfere with the #6 in the last turn.3 Days
10/22/2018Roy MarohnFailed to conduct yourself in a forthright and gentlemanly manner$100
10/22/2018Roy MarohnCasued Interference3 Days
10/17/2018James De VauxKicked your horse$100
10/16/2018Gregory MertonViolation of the whipping rule$500
10/10/2018Michael MertonFailed to drive when programmed$100
10/03/2018Dolores BasiloneFailed to obey the instructions of a Racing Official -Barn Maintenance$250
09/27/2018Austin SiegelmanFailed to drive when programmed$50
09/25/2018James Taggart Jr.Caused Interference3 Days
09/24/2018James Taggart Jr.Caused Interference3 Days
09/10/2018Agostino AbbatielloTwin B Onaroll - Positive Test7 Days - $250
09/10/2018Ruth InghamFailed to conduct yourself in a forthright and gentlemanly manner$250
09/10/2018James Taggart Jr.Hooked wheels3 Days
09/10/2018Murray BassenCaused a delay in the Post Parade$50
09/04/2018Michael MertonEurorail Violation$100
08/30/2018Diana BartellsFailed to conduct yourself in a forthright manner$150
08/29/2018Richard HarpEurorail Violation$50
08/27/2018Dolores BasiloneYou participated in the impermissible administration of a substance with 24 hours of post time1 Year - $1,000
08/23/2018Kyle DibenedettoEurorail Violation$50
08/21/2018Harold PurdyFailed to conduct yourself in a forthright and gentlemanly manner$150
08/21/2018William MannFailed to keep your feet in the stirrups$50
08/21/2018Harold PurdyFailed to conduct yourself in a forthright and gentlemanly manner$150
08/20/2018Patrick BeelerFailed to conduct yourself in a forthright manner7 Days
08/15/2018Dennis WashingtonExcessive Whipping$150
08/14/2018Gerald FieldingCaused Interference3 days
08/14/2018Ervin MillerFailed to honor declararation$250
08/14/2018John Desomine Jr.Feet were out of the stirrups$100
08/08/2018Roberto MichelottoEurorail Violation$100
08/08/2018Piergiovanni MichelottoPermitted to let a horse pass inside of you$100
08/08/2018Raffaello RuffatoKicked your horse$100
08/07/2018Dustin BlumenfeldExcessive Whipping$100
08/06/2018Dolores BasiloneLate to the paddock$250
07/23/2018Thomas MiliciDelayed Post Parade$50
07/23/2018Jimmie SolomonFailed to keep a line in each hand until 3/4 pole$100
07/23/2018Joesph PennacchioCasued a horse to break stride3 Days
07/17/2018Dewayne MinorEurorail Violation$50
07/17/2018Scott ZeronEurorail Violation$50
07/17/2018Antonio GrilloPhenylbutazone Positive7 Days - $500
07/17/2018George SholtyLate drive change after program time$50
07/17/2018Brandon ParkerCasued Interference3 Days